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Aroma Bakery

Aroma Bakery is a little place near the Civic Centre. It’s not the best location, yet the business is good and the bakery seems to be thriving. And why is that? I can answer this in two words: chicken pie.

I normally start my bakery posts with the white bread and red bean buns, but in this case, the pie deserves top spot.

Chicken pie

Aroma’s chicken pie is the first and only chicken pie that I will ever need to taste. If I ever (God forbid) compromise my pescatarian values, I would want to do it eating this pie. The sheer willpower that it takes to stare down a box full of these pies in the pantry at home, and not take a massive chunk out of them, is immense.

They come highly recommended. My mum sometimes buys them by the boxful (up to 20 pies) to gift them to relatives.

Constant price hikes seem to have done little to quell their support base. Even at RM3.80 (they started at RM2.20) they continue to attract addicted customers. When I last had a pie, it costed RM3.20. The pies seem to have shrunk since then, but I highly doubt that this bothers many people!

White bread

The bread does not disappoint either. Standard loaves are RM3.10;  double-loaves cost RM5. (Jan 2017). I have yet to find fault with this bread. The crust a nice texture and the taste and thickness of the slices are just right.

Red bean buns

The red bean buns are magnificent. They are simply stuffed with red bean filling. Just by holding it you can feel its almost assertive pressure in your palm – it wastes no time on being light and fluffy.

I reckon that if I were to eat more than a third at a time I would need to forgo eating for the rest if the day. The filling is homemade (none of the commercial nonsense you get from many other bakeries), and the taste and the texture of it is absolutely beautiful. The filling is sweet without being to sweet, and smooth without being too smooth: perfection.

For a small price of RM1.60 (Jan 2017), you get a heavy, dense pastry weighing 150g on average. To put this into perspective, the average red bean bun of equal size normally weighs 75g or less.

Coconut tarts

Picture pending – until I can afford the calories

I cannot say a word against these. 

Low-Gi bread

These are only baked on certain days of the week. 

Chia seed bread

Made with no sugar. I like it for its chewy texture, but if you don’t like that sort of thing then you can toast it, and it will taste just like regular bread. It is now RM5.70 a loaf (Jan 2017).

Tousa milk butter roll

They were already squashed when I got to them.

These buns come in RM3.10 packs of four. The filling is highly textured, only slightly mixed with the clumps of “butter” but still edible. I don’t think that they are worth the 115 calories but my little monster begs to differ.

Korean mochi bun

To be perfectly honest, their Korean buns are not fantastic. They are palatable, but the ones from 4 Seasons are more enjoyable. Aroma’s are slightly bigger and cost less at 80 cents a piece.

I found these slightly dry and the filling a.litle flat (in terms of taste). I sampled both in quick succession to compare, but perhaps if you were to eat Aroma’s version on its own, the difference would be quite undetectable.


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