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Tom’s Too 

Walking into Tom’s Too in Delta Mall is a but like walking into a giant chocolate mousse cake. I forgot to take a picture, but this was my first impression. I don’t come here often, but when I do it tends to be quite empty.

I seem to recall seeing a Tom’s when I was in Kuching and cannot help but think that this might be an offshoot off sorts (I  probably mistaken though). I regard Tom’s Too as a slightly more uoscale Secret Recipe.

The food was average. I thought that their ice lemon tea was a bit sweet but I can forgive this somewhat because they come served with a pretty star-shaped stirrer.

I’m the sort of childish subadult who is taken by pretty stirrers.

I only had a Caesars’ salad (no dressing as per my typical salad order) which was decent – as I’ve always said: it’s very hard to mess up a plate of raw veg.

My meagre salad

The salad was a plate of mostly lettuce with croutons, slices of hard boiled egg and tomatoes. I was given two lemon wedges (presumably in place of dressing). I quite appreciated the measly portion as I wasn’t very hungry.

There isn’t much of a pescatarian (let alone vegetarian) range here; I refuse to be saddled with fish and chips. 

The ambience is lovely, but as you can see not brilliant for the purposes of photography. 

I think they are generally quite expensive. The chicken pie, at RM12.90 costs a bomb. I hear the steak is good.

They have a good variety of pastries. Some of them look like fancy French-stlye mille crepe. I don’t think I’d risk spending that much in their cakes unless I know for a fact that they are good.


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